Fueling for the Long Run

Join us for Fueling for the Long Run, a workshop specially crafted for runners like you who are ready to go the distance. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner,  just starting your running journey, or somewhere in between, understanding how to fuel your body properly is key to reaching your peak performance.

Chris Taylor, PhD, RDN, LD, FAND, will be our presenter on Sunday, March 10. Chris is a Registered Dietitian, a nutrition researcher, an avid runner, head coach of the Columbus Westside Running Club, and a RUNColumbus Race Series participant.

In this workshop, Chris will cover:

  • Nutrition Strategies: Discover strategies to sustain your energy levels to support your training. Learn about pre-run and post-run nutrition to optimize recovery.
  • Hydration Tips: Understand the importance of hydration for endurance athletes. Get insights into the best hydration practices to keep you going strong mile after mile.
  • Fueling on the Go: Explore convenient and effective ways to fuel during your run. Find the best solutions for you and your running style, from energy gels to hydration packs.
  • Personalized Plans: Receive guidance on crafting your personalized fueling plan tailored to your body and training regimen. One size doesn’t always fit all.
  • Avoiding Common Pitfalls: Learn about common nutrition mistakes that can hinder your performance and how to avoid them.

Prepare to conquer your long runs with confidence and vitality. Join us at 3 p.m. on Sunday, March 10, at the Columbus Running Company Grove City location.

Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your running experience and unlock your full potential. Lace-up and join us for “Fueling for the Long Run” – because your next personal best is fueled by knowledge!

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