Unleash Your Inner Competitor

The RUNColumbus Race Series is unlike anything else in Central Ohio. It is a year-long series of races throughout Central Ohio. Runners earn points and climb the Leaderboard with each race completed in the series. Points accumulate throughout the season as runners earn the commemorative Finishers Award and contend for Championship, Division, and Age Group titles, as well as additional awards.

Welcome to the RUNColumbus Race Series

If you are on a quest to win a Championship or Age Group title . . .

If you are chasing a personal best or a new distance . . .

If you are new to running or looking for motivation to run consistently . . .

If you are looking for a welcoming community of runners of all ages, backgrounds . . .

Team RUNColumbus is for YOU!

How It Works

Participating in the RUNColumbus Race Series is as easy as 1-2-3.

Make Your Commitment

Make participating in the RUNColumbus Race Series one of your New Year’s resolutions. Earn a commemorative Finishers Award and contend for a Championship, Division, or Age Group title by completing a minimum of six series races. Make sure to check out all the additional awards you could earn.

Select Your Races

Head over to the RUNColumbus race calendar to select and register for the races that fit your schedule and align with your fitness goals. Remember, you must complete a minimum of six races to be eligible for post-season awards.

Follow the link to each race’s website to get registered for the races you select.

Report Your Results

After each race, you have 14 days to log into the RUNColumbus Team Portal (access is granted upon registering) to record your race and official time. You earn Participation and Finish Points that immediately populate the RUNColumbus Leaderboard and apply toward season-end awards.

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