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  • Who's behind the RUNColumbus Race Series?
  • Who's the target audience?

    Everyone who loves to run! Runners are of all ages and fitness levels are welcome. There are no time standards or tryouts. Everyone who registers is on the team. Just like every runner’s goals are different, so too is the reason a runner registers for the RUNColumbus Race Series. A love of running and the running community is what we all share.

  • Are there 'official rules' for the race series?

    Yes. The Official Rules can be found here.

  • Is there a cost to participate?

    Yes. The annual registration fee covers the cost of runner swag, awards, and miscellaneous expenses associated with operating the RUNColumbus Race Series.

  • Does my RUNColumbus registration cover race entries?

    No. Runners register for each series race on the race’s website. Links to race websites are on the race series calendar.

  • Why would I pay to participate in the series in addition to paying for the race registration?

    The reason a runner registers for the RUNColumbus Race Series can vary.  The runners we polled listed the following as the top reasons to sign up:

    1. To compete for a RUNColumbus Championship or Age Group Title.
    2. To complete a minimum of six races in the series and receive the commemorative Finishers Award. (Several runners cited they have never run that many races in a year.)
    3. To complete the entire series and earn the distinction of being named a RUNColumbus Road Race Warrior.
    4. To earn one of several other awards.
    5. To be part of the RUNColumbus Team.

    Registration includes many perks, including a voucher to the RUNColumbus Team Shop, awards, and discounts on race registrations and merchandise.

  • How many races are in the series?

    The number of races in the series may vary from year to year. Runners must complete a minimum of six series races to be eligible for post-season awards

  • What's the refund and transfer policy?

    All registrations are final and non-transferrable. You may defer to the following year provided you have entered three or fewer race results into the RUNColumbus Team Portal.

  • How are races selected for the series?

    Our goal is to offer runners a variety of races each season. Considerations include:

    • Interest from runners and race directors;
    • Date of the race;
    • Distance of the race;
    • Location of the race; and
    • Field size of the race.

    Additionally, the following criteria are considered when selecting races for the annual RUNColumbus Race Series. Exceptions are made at the discretion of the series organizers.

    • The race includes support for a local non-profit 501(c)3.
    • The race takes place in the greater Central Ohio region.
    • The race uses a chip timing system.
    • The race posts the official race results on their website within 14 days of the event.
  • Can I run more than the minimum required number of series races?

    Absolutely! We encourage runners to support as many local races as their schedule allows.

  • Do the races in the series change from year to year?

    Yes! Each season showcases new events as well as a few favorites.

  • Why doesn't everyone compete in the exact same races?

    Unlike professional athletes competing in a series or a tour, we are amateur runners who juggle training and racing around jobs, families, and civic commitments. That’s why race options are a must. This allows RUNColumbus participants the benefit of head-to-head competition and flexibility.

  • Can I sign up after the season has started?

    Yes! You can jump in at any time of the year and take advantage of all the RUNColumbus perks. Remember that you will need to complete a minimum of six series races to be eligible for post-season awards

  • Will virtual races be part of the race series?

    Many races offer both in-person and virtual options. RUNColumbus participants may select either option if available. Virtual races only count for Participation Points.

  • How do you know how many races I complete?

    When you register for the RUNColumbus Race Series, you will create a username and password for the RUNColumbus Team Portal where you record each race you complete and your official time. The information you and your fellow RUNColumbus participants enter into the portal populates the Leaderboard. Participation and Finish Points (in-person races only) will automatically be applied.

  • How do you guard against runners falsifying races completed or finish time?

    We believe most runners are honest and have no desire to win an award based on erroneous information. With that said, results are verified throughout the season and before official awards are announced.

  • Why did my point total go down?

    Runners have 14 days after completing a race to add their official time to the results portal. Some runners will enter their finish time right away, others will wait until the last minute. While your Participation Points remain unchanged, your Finish Points can fluctuate as other runners enter their results.

  • How long do I have to enter my results into the portal?

    Results are accepted for 14 days after each race. After 14 days, results are no longer accepted for any reason.

  • How often is the Leaderboard updated?

    The Leaderboard is live and updates each time a RUNColumbus participant enters information into the portal. The Leaderboard may be locked on occasion for maintenance but it will update immediately after being unlocked.

  • Can I see other runners' races and times?

    Yes. The Leaderboard is public on the RUNColumbus Race Series website; however, when RUNColumbus team members are logged into the Team Portal they have access to additional information such as age, races completed and reported times.  

  • How do I know where I stand in my age group?

    The Leaderboard can be sorted by Gender, Championship Divisions, and Age Groups.

  • I'm moving to a new age group during the series. How does that affect my points?

    The points awarded to a runner for finish order in a race are based on the runner’s age on the date the race occurs. The RUNColumbus Race Series final standings are based on the runner’s age on the date of the last race in which the runner participates.

    Here’s an example.

    James is 29 years old when he completes five series races. The Finish Points he earns are based on how he stacks up against other RUNColumbus participants in the 25-29 age group. James celebrates his 30th birthday and goes on to compete in one more series race, where he earns Finish Points based on how he stacks up in the 30-34 age group.

    At the end of the season, James’ final standing and eligibility for Championship and Age Group Division awards are based on 30 years of age. If James does not compete in any races after turning 30, his final standing is based on 29 years of age. If a race(s) in which James competes after turning 30 is dropped (see the Official Rules), he will contend for Championship and Age Group Awards in the 25-29 age group.

  • How long does the series last?

    The annual series is based on the calendar year. Participants have the entire year to complete the minimum six races required to be eligible for the commemorative Finisher Award, and to contend for Championship and Age Group Awards

  • How does a race get added to the series?

    Visit the Race Directors page on the RUNColumbus website for all the details.

  • Do races have to pay to be included in the series?

    No! One of our goals is to see local races and the charities they support flourish.

  • Why is there a limit to the number of races each season?

    Good question, and one we have grappled with quite a bit. The key factors for limiting the number of series races are as follows:

    • To give runners that want to contend for a Championship or Age Group title a higher probability of head-to-head competition;
    • To give runners who want to earn the distinction and recognition of being named a RUNColumbus Road Race Warrior a realistic shot at doing so; and
    • To maximize exposure for the races that are part of the series each season.
  • Does RUNColumbus offer timing services or host any races?

    No, we’ll leave that to the many experienced race directors and timing companies in Central Ohio.

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