Run Races. Earn Points.

Here’s where it gets fun for RUNColumbus Race Series participants. Every time you complete a race and report your results in the RUNColumbus Team Portal, you earn points that fuel the Leaderboard powered by Escape Hatch. Points accumulate throughout the season and apply toward season-end awards. No need to get bogged down in the details unless that’s your thing. The Leaderboard is programmed to do all the work for you.

Have questions? Make sure to check out the Official Rules.

Participation Points

Each time you complete a series race, you earn points based on the distance of the race. One point is awarded for each (full) mile of the race. Run a 5K, earn three points; finish a half marathon and get 13 points.

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Age Group Finish Points

  • First Place 5 Points
  • Second Place 4 Points
  • Third Place 3 Points
  • Fourth Place 2 Points
  • Fifth Place 1 Point

Finish Points

In addition to earning Participation Points, Finish Points are awarded based on how you finish in a series race relative to other RUNColumbus participants overall and in your age group.

Finish Points (Overall)

Overall Finish Points are awarded to all finishers. The number of points each runner receives is based on the RUNColumbus field size and order of finish. First place receives points equal to the field size with each finisher thereafter awarded points in descending order. For example, if 40 RUNColumbus women compete in a race, first place gets 40 Overall Finish Points, second place 39 points, and so on.

New in 2024: If the field size is smaller than 25 for women or 15 for men, first place will receive a minimum of 25 and 15 points for women and men, respectively.  For example, if there are 18 female participants, first place will receive 25 points, second place 24 points, and so on.  (Note: This rule adjustment for the 2024 Season is to encourage participation in races of all sizes. The minimum difference between the men’s and women’s divisions is based on field size.)

Finish Points (Age Group)

Age Group points are awarded to the first five male and female finishers in each age group. First place receives the maximum five points; additional points are awarded in descending order.

Runners automatically earn Participation Points and Overall Finish Points and can earn Age Group Points.

Points are accumulated throughout the season. A runner’s top six scores determine Championship, Division, and Age Group winners. In the event of a tie, head-to-head competition serves as the tiebreaker. Review the Official Rules.

The Point System in Action

Charles, a 62-year-old runner, competes in a series half marathon and finishes fifteenth in a field of 25 male RUNColumbus athletes and second in the male 60-64 age group. Charles receives:

  • 13 Participation Points
  • 10 Finish Point (Overall Points)
  • 4 Finish Points (Age Group Points)

Charles earns a total of 27 points for the 13.1 mile race.

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