Christie Thompson

“I’m a 36-year-old wife and mom to two amazing kids. In May 2023, I hit a fork in the road regarding my physical and mental health. I could keep going in my current trajectory and crash and burn. Or, I could choose to fight for my freedom. Freedom from medications, alcohol, low self-esteem, poor health, etc. I drew a line in the sand and demanded more from myself. It was beyond past time to do so. I registered at that point for the Columbus Half Marathon. I couldn’t even run a mile without stopping, and here I am, signing up for a half. In my mind, the change had to be so drastic to force myself to put forth effort. Four months later, I’m down at least 20 lbs. (I don’t weigh myself much), my blood pressure has improved, my cholesterol is down 30 pts., and I can run further than I ever have. I’m so excited for the Columbus Half and to continue my momentum by incorporating races throughout 2024. The sky’s the limit from here!”

“I would like to race 100+ miles next year and do at least four half marathons!”

Welcome to Team RUNColumbus, Christie!

Here are a few fun facts about Christie:

How many years have you been running? 1

What are your preferred running shoes? ASICS Gel Kayano

What’s your favorite pre-race meal or beverage? Banana , peanut butter, and coffee

What’s your favorite post-race meal or beverage? Steak

What’s your favorite race distance? 10K

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