101 Beer Kitchen: Home of the RUNColumbus Happy Hour

Get to know this locally owned and operated establishment. And, mark Thursday, October 7 on your calendar for the first RUNColumbus Happy Hour that will be held 101 Beer Kitchen Polaris location⠀

When and where did the first 101 Beer Kitchen open in Central Ohio?⠀Our first location was in Dublin and it opened on October 1, 2012⠀

Do you have other locations?⠀
In addition to Dublin, we have three more locations, with one more on the way–one in Gahanna at Stoneridge, one in Westerville on Polaris, and one location in Fishers, Indiana with another Indiana location in the works.⠀

How many people does 101 Beer Kitchen employ?⠀We currently employ roughly 150 people, prior to COVID it was closer to 200.⠀

 How were you impacted by the pandemic, and Is business back to “normal?”⠀We were heavily impacted by the pandemic but we adapted making all the necessary changes to be sure we could stay afloat –  we have a detailed blog post all about our COVID journey! It can be found on our website.  The business has begun to return to normal especially in the Columbus market but we’re still working on our Indy market.⠀

What is distinctive about 101 Beer Kitchen?⠀We have a seasonal menu meaning we change our menu four times a year to make sure we’re always using fresh seasonal ingredients. We also have a strong focus on the pairing of food & beer – that’s what the ampersand in our logo represents.  Prior to COVID, we had monthly beer dinners where we featured a brewery and created a 5-course meal with each course having a beer from the chosen brewery; we hope to get back to these events soon! Lastly, our food-first focus also makes sure we don’t overlook our littlest customers. We put as much care and love into our kids’ menu as we do our full menu because it’s never too early to develop great taste.⠀

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