Bayless Media Group: A Fresh Take on Photography, Video Services

The RUNColumbus Race Series is excited to partner with Brian Bayless and the Bayless Media Group LLC for photography and video services throughout the 2022 race series. If you didn’t catch the RUNColumbus promotional video produced by Bayless Media Group, check it out now.

Tell us a little bit about Bayless Media Group. The Bayless Media Group, LLC is a fresh new look and feel to a long-established photographic business called Bulldog Studios which has officially provided photo and video production and editing services to personal and corporate clients since 2004.  But as things have changed, the timing seemed right to rebrand, especially in the post-Covid world, so it will be a rebirth of sorts built upon a solid foundation of knowing how to capture and post-process great images.  

With the advent of advanced photo technology, it’s relatively easy for nearly anyone to get a decently exposed picture.  But that’s less than half of the battle.  To get to the point where an image becomes a great one, you need the wide and deep breadth of experience in a variety of scenarios that we can provide. 

In addition to the video and print division, we also are launching a custom sign division called “Buckeye Signs and Designs” which will specialize in a variety of professional sign design and printing, from vinyl to aluminum, to 3m Adhesives and even up to vehicle wraps and beyond.  That portion of the group is still being developed but we are in a position and have already provided high-quality Senior Sports Banners to local schools.  

We are also about to launch a ministry page under the Bayless Media Group called “Walking With Job”, which will be based upon a book currently being written under a contract which we hope will encourage people who may question why they must endure difficult times. 

There are some very exciting things happening in the Bayless Media Group, LLC, and we can’t wait to fully share our vast assortment of offerings with Central Ohio.  We will gradually build up these diverse divisions to make sure we are doing them right, just as we have done with our bread and butter photography, videography, and editing services.  

We will be launching our new website soon.

How many people does Bayless Media Group employ? I am currently a sole proprietor but have access to a stable of skilled colleagues in a variety of disciplines that I can call upon if we need to scale up an event-based upon pure volume.  Regardless of the event type, all images taken are personally reviewed and edited by me, so I am very deliberate in choosing my client base.  But even knowing that we are very selective, I have still personally captured over 1.5 million moments in time in the last five years alone, uploading hundreds of thousands of those images and videos for national and international clients.

How were you impacted by the pandemic, and is business back to “normal?” Covid only had a minor impact on our services, but this summer has seen a return of requests from former clients whose events were canceled due to the pandemic.    

What is distinctive about Bayless Media Group? You ask me what is distinctive about the Bayless Media Group, LLC, I would have to say it is our perfectionism, even to a fault, of making sure we understand a client’s needs and expectations.  Our goal is to always meet or exceed them.  I am very deliberate in the ways I approach a project, starting by getting to know my client and their needs beforehand.  If I can gel with the client to where we are both comfortable with each other, the results are always better.  This is always critical, but especially when dealing with a wedding client.  They have so many things to worry about in advance and on their wedding day, and the photographer shouldn’t be one of those concerns.  

We are very excited about partnering with RUNColumbus Race Series and can’t wait to see what the upcoming season brings.  In the meantime, if anyone needs quality imaging done at a great price to value ratio, make sure to contact me personally by phone at 740-274-5450 or via email. I’ll be glad to chat with you about your needs.  

Don’t take chances on a guy with expensive equipment.  As good runners know, you can have the greatest shoes, moisture-wicking shirts, hydration, and strategy in the world, but all of that does not win you the race.  Grit, determination, experience and the desire to achieve at a higher level does.  That’s what Bayless Media Group, LLC offers.  Good luck on the season and maybe I’ll see you at the finish line at some of the series races!  

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