Meet RUNColumbus team member Ronnie Marquez-Posey . Ronnie has been married 12 years to a “wonderful, caring person.” She says, “He loves me and keeps me laughing.” They have an almost 20-year-old still living at home getting ready to graduate from college. Rocky, our Shichon, keeps us moving—walk/jog every day rain or shine.

Ronnie notes “I’m glad I was brave enough to get through the signup process and sign up for an event. My goal is to one day run without being completely out of breath.” You are brave, Ronnie!

Why/when did you start running? I’m at the point in my life where weight doesn’t fall off easily and everything is starting to ache. I want to feel better overall inside and out.

What is your favorite aspect(s) of running? It’s a stress reliever and it clears my mind.

What excites you about being part of the RUNColumbus Race Series and Team? I’ve never done anything like this but you have to start somewhere!

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