The RUNColumbus Leaderboard powered by Escape Hatch is command central for the RUNColumbus Race Series. You will always know where you stand on your quest toward earning a title or award.

As we prepare for the augural season to kick off in January 2022, we are forming a group to test out the Leaderboard. You will get a live look at how the Leaderboard works.

What’s Involved

During October/November, test group participants will be asked to record a 1-Mile, 3-Mile, and 5-Mile run. These runs can be done as part of your normal training cycle. You will then submit your time via the RUNColumbus Team Portal.

That’s it! You will be able to witness how your “results” automatically populate the Leaderboard and compare to other members of the test group. After the test period, the beta Leaderboard and your information and results will be deleted.

What’s Next

If you want to participate in the Leaderboard test group, simply complete the form below. You will receive an email in late September with instructions on how to log in to the RUNColumbus Team Portal and record your 1-Mile, 3-Mile, and 5-Mile run times.

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