Lynn Willford

Lynn Willford picked up running at age 39 to keep the aging process at bay, and she’s proving it works!

Hi, I’m Lynn Willford. I am married to Bryan and have two children by birth and two children and four grandchildren through marriage. No pets currently but I love dogs!

Why did you start running? I ran in high school just to stay fit for the sports. I really liked volleyball and softball. I did not run again until I was 39. I decided to run a half marathon before I was 40 with the goal of starving off the effects of aging. That was 17 years ago so I guess it’s working.

Favorite thing about running? My favorite thing about running is that I can generally hold a conversation with a friend while doing it, and I can’t do that as easily with biking and swimming. These conversations have solved many problems and led to lifelong friendships.

Favorite race(s) in Central Ohio? My favorite race in central Ohio is the Dash for Donation. My daughter is alive today because of organ donation so I am a huge supporter of spreading the word about it. However I also really enjoy the Cap City Half Marathon. It was the first race I ran and I still enjoy it.

What advice would you give to someone just getting started? My best piece of advice to new runners is to a) have a goal b) create a plan to achieve that goal and c) find a group or partner to share the miles with. But most of all make it fun!

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