Kaitlyn Sargel

Today we’re spotlighting Kaitlyn Sargel who handles social media responsibilities for 101 Beer Kitchen. The Polaris location is the site of this Thursday’s RUNColumbus Happy Hour. We hope to see you there.

Hi, I’m Kaitlyn and my partner in crime is my 4-lb chihuahua Bella!

Why did you start running? I first began running in middle school for track and cross country as a way to make new friends and remain active after recently quitting soccer.  I’ve definitely taken many breaks from running over the years but I always find a way back eventually!

Favorite thing about running? That’s a tough question! I have a couple of favorite things for different reasons. I often enjoy being able to just zone out and mentally refresh, other times it’s the complete opposite, and really trying to “beat the Myclock” and be 100 percent focused and get that competitive energy out.

Favorite race(s) in Central Ohio?  I actually just recently began running races over the last couple of years and so far my favorite has definitely been Cap City! It’s such a great race environment

What advice would you give to someone just getting started? My advice for someone just getting started is to remain patient and consistent because it will be difficult at first but with consistency, you’ll see such quick growth!  And most importantly listen to your body,  there is absolutely no shame in taking a walk break!

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