Jena Goshia

Today we’re privileged to spotlight Jena Goshia. Be inspired!⠀

Hi, I’m Jena Goshia. I’ve been married for 36 years. I’m a mother of 2, grandmother to 3. I have an adorable ‘zoo’ of cats and dogs. I also foster pets for Dogs on Deployment and Cause for Canine. ⠀

Why did you start running?⠀I started running when my son entered the Marine Corps. It’s was a way for me to deal with the stress of having a child in the military. ⠀

Favorite thing about running?⠀I spent the majority of my life in Boulder, CO. When we moved to Ohio, I was thrilled to find so many trails and races! You can almost always find a race on the weekends in the summer. I’ve completed 4 marathons, 20+ half marathons, and umpteen 5k and 10ks. Three years ago, I learned to swim and started doing triathlons, including IM Ohio 70.3. I’m a back-of-pack athlete. I love the determination in the back, there’s so much inspiration.⠀

Favorite race(s) in Central Ohio?⠀My favorite local race is Columbus Marathon and Half. But there are tons of amazing races here. Over the years, due to health issues, I went from runner to run/walker to speed walker. ⠀
What advice would you give to someone just getting started?⠀I love helping beginners. I have a passion for the sport and am always willing to share what I’ve learned. From what to wear, nutrition, how to pace yourself. No topic is off the table. I truly like to remind anyone starting up that their pace is perfect. There will always be someone faster and someone slower, so don’t worry about them and just by themselves!⠀

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