Welcome RUNColumbus teammate Doug! Doug says he joined the Race Series because “having a year’s worth of races to plan to use as motivation to get me more active with my training group.” Doug has been a member of the Columbus Weside Running Club since 2019. He continues, “Life has been busy lately, and having a series of races to prepare for will push me to stay on a more consistent running/training plan.I look forward to seeing how much I can improve over this year.”

Here are a few fun facts about Doug:

How many years have you been running? 6

What are your preferred running shoes? Nike Pegasus

What’s your favorite pre-race meal or beverage? Pasta (day before); Banana, Nutrigrain Bars and Scramble Eggs on race morning

What’s your favorite post-race meal or beverage? Chocolate Milk

What’s your favorite race distance? 10K-Half Marathon

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