Tell us about yourself and your running journey. As the co-owner of the Columbus Running Company, my daily goal is to make people’s next mile better. I’ve been coaching in some capacity since 2002, working with runners and walkers of all ages and all abilities. Over those years, I’ve lead our beginner 5k program, coached our marathoners, directed our Grasshoppers youth running club, worked with Olympic Trials runners through CRC Elite, and led our summer cross country camps for high school and middle school athletes. There’s a real excitement that comes from seeing someone hit a goal that you helped them to achieve. I love to watch the runners and walkers that I work with as they go beyond anything that they thought they were capable of. When I’m working with a runner or walker, I draw on my experiences as a certified coach, a former collegiate track athlete, and a freelance writer for running publications like Running Times and Competitor. 

Coaching Certifications USATF Coaching Certification Current Head Coach for Columbus Running Company Program Director for the Grasshoppers Youth Running Club Former NCAA Coach at DePauw University 

What distances are you qualified to coach? Road and trail races from the 1 mile to 100 miler Track events from 800m to 10,000m Cross country 

What’s your coaching tagline or mantra? Columbus Running Company’s mantra amongst staff is “make their next mile better,” and I take that same approach with our coaching. We’re here to make that next mile and that next race better.

Are you currently accepting new clients? Yes

How can runners contact or follow you? Runners and walkers can contact me directly through Columbus Running Company or via email me.

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