Coach Charlie Geer

Tell us about yourself and your running journey. I participated in a variety of sports growing up, but none of them were running. During college and my early 20s, I would run the occasional 5K or a Turkey Trot, but didn’t start training in a serious way until much later. I eventually moved to New York City, and in the process of bouncing around trying to scratch out a living ended up working as a bike messenger and then getting roped into participating in the New York City Triathlon. Those two experiences ignited a passion for endurance sports in me, and I ran my first marathon that same year. It’s hard for me to describe why of everything I latched on to running. I dabbled in triathlon with some success, and I loved and still love cycling. But the purity of running appeals to me. No excuses, rain or shine, minimal equipment – get out there and get after it and you will improve. After moving back from New York I bounced around a few groups and coached with Team in Training, but I’ve been coaching the Columbus Eastside Running Club for five years now. I’ve run a handful of marathons and halves and many (many) 5Ks and 10Ks, but my favorite race is the elusive 15K. I love racing, but mostly I love the process. Putting work in and getting results out is neat.

Coaching Certifications RRCA Level 1 Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

What distances are you qualified to coach? My wheelhouse is definitely conventional distance running: 5K to the marathon, road or trail, or XC. If an established client wants to try something new – a triathlon, an ultra, or even dropping down to middle distance – I’m all for it and I will get you there.

What’s your coaching tagline or mantra? I’m not a big tagline guy. I’ll say this: if you want to succeed in running you have to be relentlessly consistent. This is not a sexy sport. Big hero workouts and training gimmicks aren’t what leads to success. Putting in the work day, week, month, year in and out is where it’s at.

Are you currently accepting new clients? Yes

How can runners contact or follow you? Well first, you can join CERC. We have training plans available and a fantastic group of people to run within two locations at a variety of paces: For personal coaching, you can email me or check out my website.

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