Tracy Treneff

Let’s meet returning RUNColumbus team member Tracy! Tracy says of the 2023 Season, “I like being part of a team that I can proudly represent and cheer for. I also like being able to compete within the team. I’m already seeking training advice from some of the more experienced runners on the team so I can improve and enjoy the running experience even more. Meeting as a group for photos before each race is a really nice touch. The number of races to choose from with varying distances is also exciting.”

Here are a few fun facts about Tracy:

How many years have you been running? 2

What are your preferred running shoes? Saucony Endorphin Pro+

What’s your favorite pre-race meal or beverage? Banana and Coconut Water

What’s your favorite post-race meal or beverage? Water

What’s your favorite race distance? 13.1

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