Meet RUNColumbus team member Stephanie Stevens. Stephanie and her spouse Jonathan have two sons, Benny (10) and Tom (7). Stephanie started running with my 7-year old which has brought her a lot of pride and joy. Stephanie really loves relays…C2C, Ragnar, Burning River, Growler Relay. She is always looking for ways to get a team together and go on an adventure.

Why/when did you start running? As a first grader! I made my Dad “train me” for our school’s Junior Olympics. I was also “that kid” trying to race all the kids on the playground. 

What is your favorite aspect(s) of running? The social aspect. I am a strong believer in building a community, and most runners have the kind of “heart and soul” you want to build with! But setting and reaching goals is a close second.

What excites you about being part of the RUNColumbus Race Series and Team? I participate in a lot of these (series) races already, and I like being able to sew them together in a “Tapestry of Running in 2022.” I think starting this at the beginning of the year will help me stay accountable and hopefully I’ll make some new running friends!

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Attention Race Directors! Scheduling for the 2023 series is underway.
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