Sherry Nowell

Meet RUNColumbus team member Sherry Nowell. Sherry Nowell lives with my husband and dog Champ.  She has two grown children that are married and live in other states.  They each have one young child so Sherry has two grandchildren.

Why/when did you start running? My running journey started when I signed up for the Winter 2016 Columbus Running Company’s Walk & Run 101 program.  I had never been a runner so I didn’t know what to expect.  I was 56 years old!  Who starts running at that age?!?!  There were so many things that I didn’t know about running but I was ready and willing to learn.  I searched for and read as much as I could about running.  The problem was that I could have all the knowledge in the world but in order to become a runner, I needed to get outside and run.  It was hard in the beginning but I was determined to finish my first 5K and I’ve been running and participating in races ever since. 

As for the ‘why did I start running?,’ I’ve been trying to figure that out since I started.  I think it was a combination of things.  What I do know is that I don’t plan to stop any time soon.

What are your favorite aspect(s) of running? There are lots of things I love about running.

  • The people I have met through running especially in my running group, Love2Reach, and at Columbus Running Company. 
  • The Bling I receive at races.  I had to mention the medals.  Sometimes I register for a race just because I like the cool medal! The Columbus 10K medal series is a great example! The race shirts, jackets, hats, etc are also a plus.  Most of my current wardrobe consists of race clothing. 
  • The atmosphere at races is fabulous.  It’s a world I didn’t know existed.
  • I have been an avid walker for a long time so I like to be outside.  Running was another reason to go outside. 
  • This may sound crazy but I really enjoy running in the dark.  I have lots of lights so I am seen by drivers, walkers and other runners.  But, in the dark, I’m just an anonymous runner.  No one can see who I am, how old I am, my running style, etc.    I feel it is a ‘no judgement’ time of the day. 
  • One last but not least aspect about running that I like is the health benefits.  I didn’t start running to lose weight but I lost a lot of it and running helps me keep it off. 

What excites you about being part of the RUNColumbus Race Series and Team? I’m a planner so having races already picked out for me that cover the entire year is fabulous.  A few of them are races that I do annually but I’m excited to run some new races in 2022 with the RUNColumbus Race Series.  And as I mentioned before, I enjoy the bling!

Anything thing else you want to share? When I run in races I don’t really ‘race’ anyone but myself.  There are obviously lots of other people at races but I’m not really running to beat someone else.  It’s me against me.  I’m happy to be there and to be able to run. 

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