The newest addition to the 2022 series lineup is the Run for More Birthdays (and less cancer) 5K to be held on March 19 at 9 a.m. (pending the City of Gahanna’s approval). Race director and cancer survivor Sandra Frazier started this race as a way to help others battling this dreaded disease. She is also very busy raising three “wonderful boys”–Nico, Micah, and Noah. Rounding out their family is Flash, their Yorkie, a bearded lizard, and a turtle.

How did you become a race director? I created the race in 2013 in order to fundraise for the American Cancer Society (ACS). I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2011 and the ACS was a great support system for me and my family. I started participating in events in 2011 as an ACS Determination Athlete and raising funds for the organization. I want to give back and help others become survivors.

What’s the greatest challenge you face in your role? The greatest challenge I face in this role is to balance my desire to create a fun and engaging event for families and at the same time ensure the event brings enough funds to cover the expenses and produces a profit that will benefit the cause.

What’s the greatest reward? The greatest reward is knowing that every single dollar the race produces goes to a wonderful fight. Every cent counts! The ACS helps people fight all cancers.

Other than signing up for your race, how can runners support and encourage race organizers?  Runners can support and encourage race organizers by participating in local events. All abilities (runners and walkers) should participate in any event that has a cause important to them. Volunteering is another way to help, many of these events are not possible without the help and presence of volunteers. Finally, I think that a simple way to help is by spreading the word, and telling your friends and family about the event! The more the merrier.

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