Ryan Garcia

A few weeks ago we introduced you to Ashley Garcia, and today you get to meet her husband Ryan. This couple is making lots of memories through their shared passion for running and adventure.

Hi, my name is Ryan Garcia and my wife’s name is Ashley.

How did you get into running? I started running track and cross country in high school because I fell in love with how it makes me feel. One of my idols is Steve Prefontaine and his quality of pushing to the limit and message of if you don’t give your best you sacrifice the gift. That is really something I strive for. I now run for the relaxation, the adventure, and constant challenge each race gives with that sense of accomplishment.

Favorite thing about running? My favorite thing about running is the people, friends, and family that come with this community. In each state, my wife and I run we meet new people. One of my favorite things is to take pictures running to capture the moments and memories of friends being together.

Favorite race(s) in Central Ohio? My favorite races in central Ohio are Cap City Half Marathon and Emerald City Half Marathon.  It always feels like a great celebration with my friends.

What advice would you give to someone just getting started? My advice for new runners would be to take your time and have fun. Make friends and enjoy all aspects of training and racing.

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