Phil Moorehead

“I’ve been running races in Columbus just barely long enough to have a few annual favorites (Choo Choo Nine Miler, AEP 10k, Nationwide Half and Full Marathon), so there’s a lot of overlap with what I would have been doing, regardless. It seems like a good group of people to ally myself with, too.”

“I’m chasing a sub-3 marathon, and it’s looking more and more likely that’s going to be the de-facto requirement for a BQ, which is another current goal.”

Welcome to Team RUNColumbus, Phil!

How many years have you been running? 5

What are your preferred running shoes? Hmmm… I’m going to say the Adidas Boston 12 for general use, but I’m finding their durability a little lacking relative to the Boston 10.

What’s your favorite pre-race meal or beverage? PB&J on homemade sourdough, Coffee, Maurten Drink Mix 320 Caf 100, 12oz Redbull Yellow Edition, Beet Powder.

What’s your favorite post-race meal or beverage? Big fan of chocolate milk and/or Nuun Strawberry Lemonade tablets immediately afterward, then OJ + cereal with frozen fruit, bananas, and pecan pieces a little later on.

What’s your favorite race distance? Half-marathon, but I haven’t really tested myself in that distance (I’ve only run two non-virtual)… so I could see it being more painful/less fun if I did.

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