Kristina Zellner

We are privileged to introduce you Kristina Zellner, who along with being a runner, is the marketing manager and physical therapist with NovaCare Rehabilitation—a RUNColumbus sponsor. Kristina oversee operations at five of NovaCare’s clinics including New Albany, Polaris Gemini, Northeast Cleveland Ave., Sunbury, and Delaware. Kristina also cares for patients with musculoskeletal impairments. Kristina and her husband have two little girls (ages 2 and 5) and a Maltipoo named Zoey J.

Why did you start running? I have been involved in sports my whole life – soccer, basketball, track, and cheerleading. Running and general fitness was always a staple for success. Continuing to run as my athletic career ended was a way to still feed my competitive nature and challenge my body physically.

Favorite thing about running? The mental clarity and feeling of accomplishment when I hit certain pace goals.

Favorite race(s) in Central Ohio? Nationwide Columbus half marathon is an amazing experience. I also really enjoyed the Black and Gold 5k this past year, as it was exciting to get a sneak peek at the Crew’s new stadium before the start of the season.

What advice would you give to someone just getting started? Take care of your body. Seek professional intervention when aches and pains occur to not only correct any existing imbalances but prevent them from re-occurring through education and lifelong balanced exercise. Keep your hips and glutes strong. Get your feet and shoe wear pattern assessed to ensure that you are selecting proper footwear.

Anything you want people to know about NovaCare that they might not know? NovaCare has 37 clinics across the Columbus area. Our therapists are elite professionals, representing a vast array of specialties including, but not limited to vestibular, women’s health, hand therapy, sports rehab, return to work programs, geriatrics, bone health, lymphedema, running analysis, dry needling, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, post-operative rehab, spine rehab, aquatic therapy, and chronic pain rehab. Additionally, Ohio is a “direct access” state, which means that in most cases, anyone can be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist for their condition without a referral from a physician.

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