Kristina Reed

Meet RUNColumbus team member Kristina Reed. Kristina has two dogs—Ragnar and Rolo. Last year was a big year for Kristina. She completed the David Goggins 4x4x48 Miles Challenge, ran 4 half marathons, and ran her first trail race. Her goals this year include completing two half marathons this spring and then training for her first marathon this fall, among the other races that this series offers!

Why/when did you start running? I’ve consistently been running since November 2019, right before the pandemic. I was bummed in 2020 when all the races were canceled as I wanted to prove I could beat my half marathon times back from 2016. I got my chance in 2021 though and ran 4 half marathons, PRing in back-to-back weekends in Fall 2021. Prior to 2019, I started running in college as a way to train for tennis matches and then ran two half marathons in 2016 before taking a break.

What is your favorite aspect(s) of running? The improvement that can be seen over time– seeing the hard work of training /mileage pay off to hit a goal.

What excites you about being part of the RUNColumbus Race Series and Team? Excited about new races in a variety of places across town and meeting other runners!

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