Escape Hatch: The Creator of the RUNColumbus Leaderboard

Allow us to introduce you to our partners Escape Hatch and Phil Birnie. Phil, an avid runner himself, and his firm are the masterminds behind the RUNColumbus Leaderboard. The leaderboard is command central for the RUNColumbus Race Series. It’s where participants watch their points accumulate on a quest toward a Championship, Age Group, or Finisher title.

Tell us a little bit about Escape Hatch. We are a flexible, four-person digital agency specializing in the design and development of custom web applications. We originally started as two separate entities – one focusing on design and the other on development. We ended up liking each other so much that we officially merged in January 2021! We are incredibly passionate about what we do and thrive on helping cool people, organizations and businesses solve technical problems that allow a whole variety of processes to run more smoothly.

What services does Escape Hatch offer? Custom Web Design & Development

How many Central Ohioans does Escape Hatch employ? Two of us are from Columbus — the other two are from Cleveland, though they are Columbus ex-pats! How was Escape Hatch impacted by the pandemic, and Is business back to “normal?” Things were definitely a little quiet last spring as the world was holding its collective breath, but shortly thereafter our business exploded and it has been crazy ever since.

What is distinctive about Escape Hatch? So many digital companies are about using off-the-shelf themes and existing entities to cobble together web applications in order to make a quick buck – we take the opposite approach. While we often rely upon frameworks like WordPress, Shopify, Laravel, and so on, at their core, all of our solutions are “made to order.” Like any tailored piece of clothing, it just works and fits better.

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