Elizabeth Shultis

Meet RUNColumbus team member Elizabeth Shultis. She has been married to Joshua for 21 years. In addition to running, Elizabeth coaches golf, teaches yoga, and loves travel.

Why/when did you start running? I started running 10 years ago I wanted to finish a half marathon before I turned 40. I got hooked!

What is your favorite aspect(s) of running? I love the community aspect of running when I do a race I see others I know. I also have a dear friend that trained with me in 2018 when I did 14 races that year and she’s a friend for life. We met because of running and we now help each other with workouts or go out for a glass of wine.

What excites you about being part of the RUNColumbus Race Series and Team? I look forward to RUNColumbus helping me with my goals and meeting new people in the running community.

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