Columbus Eastside Running Club

Is your group open to runners of all ages and experience levels? CERC is an adult running club welcoming runners and walkers of all ability levels 16 years and older. Exceptions for younger runners can be made if the youth has a parent or guardian running in the group.

When and where does your group meet? Columbus meets primarily at St. Charles Prep School (2010 E Broad St, Bexley, OH) for their weekly Saturday morning group runs. Baltimore meets primarily at the Baltimore United Methodist Church (200 W Market St., Baltimore, OH) for their weekly Saturday morning group runs. During the winter/spring season (December through May) we normally meet at 8 a.m., and during the summer/fall season (June through October) at 7 a.m.

What are three words that best describe your group? Fun. Support. Community.

Is there a cost to being part of your group? Yes

How can runners contact or follow your group? Runners can reach us through our Facebook page, email, or website.

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