Kylie McCafferty

Welcome to our newest teammate, Kylie! Kylie says, “What excites me the most about being a part of the RUNColumbus Race Series is that I will push myself outside of my comfort zone a little bit more and progressively improve by 1% daily. I want to not only finish races strong like I did last year but am looking for ways of challenging myself to go further distances and get faster while also ensuring that I am checking in with myself to make sure I am capable of doing it safely.” She continues, “After completing 8 5K’s last year, I know that my main goal is getting appropriately trained, so I don’t tire out as quickly and prevent further injuries from happening. My goals for this year are getting to know this group better, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone a little more, and trying to complete the basic requirements, even though most of the races will probably be done virtually because of health and travel issues.

Here are a few fun facts about Kylie:

How many years have you been running? 1 Year of Walking 5Ks

What are your preferred running shoes? Brookes Addiction 13

What’s your favorite pre-race meal or beverage? Avacado toast with a side of broccoli and warm water

What’s your favorite post-race meal or beverage? Whole food plant-based pizza topped with greens and a warm sparkling water

What’s your favorite race distance? 5Ks for now

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