Amy Whitson

Tell us about yourself and your journey to becoming a sports nutritionist.

I am a general surgeon specially trained in surgical nutrition, surgical critical care, acute care, and trauma surgery. I’ve been an athlete throughout my life. I have always had a passion for wholesome and varied nutrient-dense food, using food as “medicine,” and the importance of preventing illness by properly fueling the body. The human body is the most complex system, one of the main reasons no single nutritional profile fits everyone.

My passions for health and wellness have expanded from years of treating the critically ill to becoming more interested in illness and injury prevention. Thus, I sought my Level 1 CrossFit Trainer certification and am completing the Crossfit Nutrition Course to supplement my allopathic and traditional background in nutrition. I am excited to help people achieve a healthy way of life by thoughtfully combining good nutrition and exercise to achieve optimal fitness.

Amy is a coach at CrossFit Expedition.

Qualification and Certifications

Medical Doctor degree 1998, University of Texas San Antonio
General Surgery Residency 2008, University of Minnesota
Fellow of the American College of Surgeons 2022
Crossfit L1 Trainer Certification Sept. 2022
Crossfit Nutrition Certification Jan 2023

What services do you offer?

1. One-on-one personal nutritional profile development
2. Nutritional coaching on an individual or group level
3. Nutrition seminars, both live and recorded
4. Race/Event preparation and recovery
5. Individualized meal plans

What is your philosophy of nutrition for runners?

Every athlete requires a different amount and type of macronutrient meal composition based on unique characteristics such as gender, age, energy expenditure, and muscle mass. Like most endurance athletes, runners require different macronutrients and hydration levels to sustain the ongoing metabolic demands. The glycogen stores must be replenished regularly to keep muscles fed. Thus, I recommend multiple small “meals” throughout the day and especially around training times. Runners also require high hydration levels to avoid injury and help speed recovery.

Is there anything you want runners to know about you and your services?

I learned about cross-training as a collegiate athlete; as a field hockey goalie, I learned that running, swimming, strength training, and biking were all important to my success on and off the field. I still hold the school record for most saves in a season. Cross-training is the key to longevity, and strength, endurance, and flexibility are necessary to live a full and unlimited life. I love dogs and have two wonderful Labrador Retrievers who could run all day! I also love to travel, am an avid reader, amateur cellist, and lover of learning, and I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their worldviews. My travels and interest in international cuisine have made me an adventurous cook, and I love trying new techniques and recipes in the kitchen!

How may runners get in contact with you?

Email is the best way to reach me.

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