Abbey Le Roy

New to Central Ohio, this week’s spotlight guest is anxious to get to know the Columbus racing scene.

Hi, I’m Abbey Le Roy, wife to David and mom to Deni (9).

Why did you start running? I started running cross country in middle school as a way to get connected and make friends. I took a break after high school, but I picked it up again at the end of 2018 after spontaneously registering for my first marathon.

Favorite thing about running? I enjoy running because it gives me time and space to be by myself. It helps me get mental clarity, and it reenergizes me to care for my son who has special needs.

Favorite race(s) in Central Ohio? Having recently moved to Ohio, I am looking forward to checking out great races during the inaugural season of the RUNColumbus Race Series. Before the series kicks off in 2022, I’m excited to participate in The Ohio State 4-Miler this fall.

What advice would you give to someone just getting started? If you’re new to running, welcome to an awesome community. As you log the miles, remember why you started. If it’s for a sense of accomplishment, take time to recognize and celebrate personal milestones. If you laced up your shoes as a way to tend to your emotional and mental health, make sure you reflect on the internal benefits you’re reaping. Knowing why you started will help you keep going and will enable you to stay focused on what’s important to you along the way.

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