Team Captain

Position Description

Title: RUNColumbus Team Captain

Position Overview: As a RUNColumbus Team Captain focused on welcoming and celebrating other runners, your primary responsibility is to create a warm and inclusive RUNColumbus community. You will be instrumental in fostering a positive and encouraging atmosphere for runners of all levels, ensuring that every participant feels valued and celebrated throughout the season.

Team Captain Responsibilities

  1. Be Welcoming
    • Greet new and existing members with enthusiasm and friendliness.
    • Foster a sense of community by actively engaging with teammates at races, events, workshops, and through online platforms.
  2. Be Present
    • Attend RUNColumbus Team Meetups and events, including workshops and social events, as your schedule allows.
  3. Be Supportive
    • Offer guidance and encouragement to novice runners, ensuring they feel comfortable and motivated to continue their running journey.
  4. Be Collaborative and Responsive
    • Respond promptly to inquiries about race and event attendance. This feedback will be used to inform the full team of Team Captains who will be present.
    • Work with other Team Captains to create a cohesive and integrated RUNColumbus community experience.
  5. Be Proactive
    • Take notice and respond to inclusivity and diversity, ensuring a welcoming environment for all participants.

Team Captain Qualifications

  • Passion for playing a vital role in helping the RUNColumbus community and each athlete thrive.
  • Unbashful about taking the initiative to introduce yourself and to welcome others.
  • Open to occasionally leading Team Meetups, contacting athletes, or helping with other functions designed to build community.

Team Captain Benefits

  • Making a positive impact on Team RUNColumbus and the local running community.
  • Building strong connections with fellow runners and contributing to a supportive environment.
  • Serving in a leadership capacity and as a sounding board for RUNColumbus organizers.
  • Accessing a limited number of complimentary race registrations and other occasional perks.

Join us in creating a vibrant and welcoming RUNColumbus community. Make your commitment today!

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